Value Self Storage loves Auction Hunters

Value Self Storage loves Auction Hunters

Who knew that mini storage could be such a goldmine? Allen Haff and “Ton” Jones dig for treasures in the new series “Auction Hunters” that premiered on Spike TV on Nov. 9, 2010.

The series documents their adventures as the two prospectors practice their mantra of “Bid, Dig and Sell” in their quest for antiques and other rare finds that can net a fortune. Value Self Storage, a mini storage facility in Las Vegas, loves the idea and the attention it bringing to the industry.

Apparently there over 10,000 unclaimed storage units in the US, according to Spike. The action hunters trust their gut feeling (and probably have a scientific method to their madness) and bid on them in public auctions. Even just that part of the process can get pretty thrilling, with cut-throat bidding among tough guys. No wonder Allen’s signature phrase is “I love the smell of an auction in the morning.”

Once the prospectors get their unit, the “digging” begins. They dive into the piles of potential treasures that could make the people on "Hoarding: Buried Alive" show blush. The guys take time to sort through each and every piece, tossing old clothing and other garbage, in search of valuables, such as the first black powder revolver or a vintage slot machine. What would they find at some of the units at mini storage Las Vegas?

The next trick is to sell the stuff. The artifacts are sold to collectors, buyers and acquirers, also an interesting bunch of people. Part of the appeal of the show is the great characters the guys meet along the way.

Mini storage 89123 units have long been known to generate public interest, mostly because of the celebrity connections. Celebrities, like ordinary people, also sometimes let their payments lapse, making their possessions eligible for auction.

Personal items that belonged to Paris Hilton went up for sale online at a site that looked to capitalize on this connection. Hilton sued and the site was shut down.

Over 250 people showed up for an action selling off Whitney Houston’s tour equipment and clothing after her storage payments lapsed. The same company that organized her auction is now working with New Jersey housewife Teresa Giudice who is filing for bankruptcy.

While the Auction Hunters haven’t announced any immediate plans to come to Las Vegas, it could be a great playground. Value Self Storage, a mini storage Las Vegas, works hard to determine flexible payment plans with their patrons to make sure the payments don’t lapse and the only time they would see Auction Hunters is on TV.

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