Las Vegas Mini Storage

Las Vegas Mini Storage

Many of our clients choose our Las Vegas mini storage location for storing valuables, including books. From family heirlooms, such as a grandmother’s cookbook, to professional reference books, to literature collections, we see all sorts of books packed into storage units and want to make sure that what you put in is what you take out. Books are a precious commodity and can be easily damaged when stored improperly. To avoid that, Value Self Storage developed tips for successful book storing:

  1. Before placing your books in a box, give them a cleaning to avoid creating an environment susceptible to mildew and staining. To do so, wipe the outside and the inside of the jacket with a magnetic dry cloth. If your books are dusty, gently vacuum them with a brush attachment.

  2. Check your books for any foreign elements, such as dollar bills, paper clips and bookmarks. Such objects can be acidic and can stain or permanently damage the page, especially when a book is stored under physical pressure from other books or boxes.

  3. Choose sturdy cardboard or plastic containers. Tightly pack volumes of similar sizes together, and don’t pack any other objects in the same boxes. Lay the volumes flat, one on top of the other. If you stack them vertically, they will only be able to support their own weight.

  4. When moving your books into a storage unit, consider wrapping each cardboard box in plastic to avoid exposure to dust or potential water damage. Stack boxes at shoulder height to make it comfortable for you to manipulate.

  5. If your books are particularly valuable, consult a librarian or a specialist about cleaning and storing. In some instances, you might want to consider a safe deposit box.


Value Self Storage is a premier Las Vegas mini storage facility. Located just minutes from the Strip and a major highway, it provides a convenient and secure location for all your storage needs. For more information on available spaces and current online specials, visit us at


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