Master Clutter Using Self Storage

Master Clutter Using Self Storage

Clutter driving you insane? Yet the prospect of organizing your stuff is even more daunting? Value Self Storage, a premier provider of self storage Las Vegas, offers easy tips to make the process painless and efficient.

- What to toss?

If you haven’t used it for a year and it’s not Christmas decorations, toss it. Pull out family heirlooms and photo albums and rent a trash container. It might be even a good idea not to tell the rest of the family to prevent them from sabotaging your efforts.

- What to store?

If it’s Christmas, Halloween or Easter decorations cluttering up your basement, go through them and throw away anything broken or uninspiring. Consider renting a small self storage Las Vegas unit to pack these items away.

- What else to store?

Baby things tend to have a lot of sentimental value. Unless you are expecting a baby in the foreseeable future, place baby things in self storage. That way you will still have them when the time comes, but an empty stroller won’t be rubbing it in when you are actively trying.

- What to donate?

Save on self storage and instead donate items and clothes that you are unlikely to ever use. Yes, that includes the bride’s maid dress you’ve always found hideous. Donating will free up space, and rid your life of clutter all while serving a higher purpose.


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