Prepare For The Big Move

Prepare For The Big Move

When divorce became final for Sandra Bullock, an Oscar winning actress, it was time to reorganize her life. It’s no wonder that she moved part of her belongings into a storage unit in Austin, Texas, and was spotted sorting through them, fortified with some iced Starbucks coffee.

Moving is not an easy thing for most people. It takes serious organizational skills, patience and, in a case of some celebrities, an army of assistants to get through this ordeal. If your best help is a moving company and your own two hands, here are a few tips recommended by experienced moving and storage experts at Value Self Storage.

  1. Make a checklist. Along with the packing and moving schedule, include items like transferring utilities, internet, cable and water. Having a working checklist will allow you to minimize stress and manage projects without worrying about forgetting anything.
  2. Toss relentlessly. Make time in your packing schedule to go through the items you consider packing and evaluate their relevance to your life. Keep family heirlooms, such as albums and your first LPs. Toss everything you haven’t used in over a year. Donate clothes that don’t fit. Consider having a yard sale for everything that is still valuable, but not necessary to you. The less you pack and move, the cheaper it will be, and the more room you will have for things that fit your new life in the new place.
  3. Organize by room or by person, or both. To make the unpacking process easier, pack by room or by person, clearly marking the boxes. Consider specifying what items are in the box. Example: “Kitchen. Pots and pans.”
  4. Prepare packing materials ahead of time. From Sharpies to wrapping paper, old newspapers, sturdy tape for boxes, having these materials handy will be one item off your to-do list and will reduce your stress level. It’s like buying food and drinks for a party – better off getting more than less.
  5. Hire a babysitter and let your neighbors watch your dog. Both kids, unless they are old enough to help, and pets tend to get in the way and contribute to the already chaotic situation. You don’t want to be worrying about their whereabouts and chances of dropping something or stumbling over a loose item and falling. You want to be focused on packing and moving. Eyes on the ball. For yours and their safety and sanity.

Check out more useful tips at Value Self Storage, a mini storage facility in Las Vegas.


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